About Us

Backed by a legacy of 45 years, unmatched experience in both domestic and international markets, and a bouquet of the finest quality products, Sarla Blankets & Beyond is taking the Indian textile industry by storm. Credited as the first Indian soft home furnishing manufacturer to introduce manufacturing of cloud-touch Blankets in the country, Sarla's portfolio has expanded to a bouquet of 55 varieties including cloud-touch Winter Blankets, AC Comforters/AC Blankets, Bedsheets, Duvet Covers, Quilts, Mats and more. Sarla Blankets & Beyond is slowly and steadily leaving an impact on the Indian textile industry and the minds of its consumers in equal measure. Offering the best quality for money, its entire range of products is crafted around the needs of individual consumers.

Sarla Blankets & Beyond believes that home furnishing is a deeply personal fashion category, it occupies the space one goes to for comfort in the safety of your home. Sarla's products use this ideology to suit specific tastes of all customers – be it classical ethnic designs of Aaram, ultra-modern Ayka range or upmarket abstract designs of Pashmina. All above products are manufactured in an ultra-modern manufacturing facility with the latest state-of-the-art machines and technology. That’s what makes Sarla Blankets & Beyond India's finest home textiles brand.

About The Founders


An industry veteran with over 4 decades of experience in the textile business, he leads Sarla Blankets & Beyond. He is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built businesses from the ground up with his brothers (Aggarwal Textiles, Sarla Handicrafts). He is the guiding force behind the company, leading it with his vision, expertise and knowledge.


Serving as a Director at Sarla Blankets & Beyond, he leads multiple areas of business. Along with a key focus on Marketing Planning, he is also responsible for directing the company’s efforts along Product Development, Plant and Machinery Infrastructure, Business Operations, and Finance. He hold a B.Tech Degree from IIT Roorkee and completed his masters in Finance from HEC Paris. He also possesses professional experience in Strategy Consulting and Investment Banking.


Serving as a Director at the firm, Aman leads multiple streams of business. Along with his keen interest in Marketing & Strategic Planning, he leads company’s efforts in Business Development and Sales Channel & Procurement. He has a keen interest in team building and leads the HR front of the company. He completed his masters in International Business from the University of Greenwich, London.

How It All Started

In the late 1970s, 5 brothers from a humble family came together to establish Aggarwal Textiles. Backed by nothing but a dream to take their products to the world, they established a network of trustworthy relationships, provided the best quality products and slowly started to reign the domestic textile market. As time progressed and Aggarwal Textiles became a household name, in 1989 it looked beyond the horizon of domestic and national markets and entered the exports business by the name of Sarla Handicrafts.

By 1994, Sarla Handicrafts became a leader in its domain and was already supplying its high-quality products to over 30+ countries. As the business flourished on both fronts, domestic and international, Sarla Handicrafts decided to choose a better suiting location and moved its headquarters to Panipat. Operating out of Panipat, it attained a remarkable and unprecedented feat of expanding its export territory to 50+ countries.

After conquering the international textile market, the company which has now become synonymous to ‘quality’ has come back to revolutionize the Indian textile market, under the name of Sarla Blankets & Beyond.




To bring about a change in the textile industry by reorienting Indian manufacturing from bulk commodity to high-end quality based product development


To become a one-stop-shop for all home textile needs by offering a complete range of products that every household needs


To generate higher profit margins for distributors, dealers and retailers and help them expand their consumer base



The manufacturing process at our facility covers everything within 7 steps.

1 - Warping

Fully automated high speed warpers that process 500+ individual threads and roll them into beams. Fully automated machines have the capability to sense even a single yarn breakage while running at a speed of 1000mtr/min, allowing the operator to spot exact fault and thus prevent any faults during blanket knitting

2 - Knitting

Our fully automated high speed warp knitting machine processes 10,000+ yarn threads at once. The machine is controlled by fully automated servo motors that ensure that proper synchronisation is maintained throughout these threads. The machine can sense even 1 breakage from these 10000+ yarn threads, to ensure that the blanket being knitted is flawless and feels as soft as the cloud.

3 - Pre-finishing

This stage comprises a highly sophisticated line of stenter, polisher and brushing machines. Processing the blanket at a temperature of 150+ degrees the stenter provides stability to loose blanket fabric that one needs for a seamless fall on bed. The brushing machine uses imported Japanese fillets that brush the fabric pile at high speed, opening up the yarn so that it caresses the skin upon touch. Each polisher processes the fabric at a temperature of 200+ degrees and the polishing cylinder’s tangential touch ensures that the blanket shine would be enough to uplift your entire room.

4 - Printing

No matter how shiny and soft the fabric, it acquires a personality only after being printed on a fully automated printing line. The Sophistry of the printing machine is supported by state of the art in-house high definition screen manufacturing machines. These two combine to impart even a fabric the sharpness that is otherwise only possible in digital prints.

5 - Washing

Comprising multiple chambers, the fabric goes through the machine via multiple baths of different kinds - warm, cold, etc. This ensures that any chemicals of manufacturing are completely removed and what comes out is a blanket that is as close to a natural fabric as possible from a man-made fiber.

6 - Final Finishing

This process is almost similar but even more sophisticated than the pre-finishing, except here the shearing machine is added. The shearing machine uses German precision blades to ensure the file of fabric is completely uniform. It is akin to using a robot to precision trim any inconsistencies in the fabric, thus making the blanket even more refined to touch.

7 - Stitching & Inspection

After the final finishing, trained operators cut and sew the fabric into individual blankets. But not before a final check – this time manually done by experienced hands and focused eyes - so that only the finest goes into your bedroom.


Covering an area of 1 lac sq. ft.+, our manufacturing facility is one of the best and biggest that you will find in India. Equipped with world-class machinery that runs on the latest technologies under the supervision of highly skilled experts with decades of experience, our facility takes care of every aspect of production at one place.